Otara Art Market

Every Saturday | 1 November - 20 December | Otara Community Courtyard


Creatures by Nicole Lim

Fresh Gallery Otara staff member, Nicole Lim is a graphic designer - she has created a range of hand made characters for sale at the Otara Art Market.

Dancing in the Courtyard

A spirited group of young dancers from Manukau performed in the Otara Community Courtyard on Saturday 15 November

Live Art Making: Antonio Filipo

Local Otara stencil artist, Antonio Filipo made a work featuring a Warhol-esque approach to the iconic Pacific Cornbeef can on Saturday 15 November.

A similar work featuring the Pacific Cornbeef can features in the upcoming exhibition, FRESH08 at Fresh Gallery Otara opening on Friday 28 November until Saturday 20 December.

What Now's Tumehe Rongonui visits Otara Art Market

Capturing Siliga David Setoga at work...

What Now host Tumehe Rongonui interviews young Otara Art Market visitors for a special episide set in Otara that screened on Sunday 16 November on TVNZ.

Soft Stone Carving Workshop, Saturday 29 November

Guest demonstrator Ema Tavola

Work in progress by Sean Kerrigan - Saturday 22 November

Local Otara based visual artist, Sean Kerrigan has been promoting a workshop he's running at his home studio on Saturday 29 November by doing live soft stone carving at the Otara Art Market. Phone Fresh Gallery Otara for enquiries (09) 271 6019

Live Art Making: Siliga David Setoga

Siliga made a series of works on paper which were distributed for free to market goers.

Tongan handcrafts from 'Ilasaane 'Ilaiu

Coconut scrapers
$20 each

Woven mat made from synthetic and traditional organic materials
From $140
This exquisite ta'ovala is made from synthetic ribbon.